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AC Maintenance

Qatar is an extremely hot country for the majority of the year which generally means that air conditioning is required at almost all times, especially in the summer. The air conditioning (AC) units are capable of running for long periods of time but they do...

Electrical Maintenance

When dealing with electrical issues around the home and business, professionalism and technical know-how are essential. Electrical faults are common place around Doha and Qatar because of the environmental conditions cables and wires are exposed to. FIXIT electricians not only fix the issues that our...

Handyman Services

Struggling to get all your repairs done in your home or business? FIXIT can do it all for you. Tile repairs, window seals, fixing appliances and putting up shelves are just a few of the services offered by the hourly handyman. Send us a task...


Make your house a home or change your working environment to match your company! Doing the painting yourself is a time consuming and tedious process, especially if you have multiple rooms with different colour paints. FIXIT’s professional team know how to get the best results...

Pest Control

Say goodbye to the last bug! FIXIT Teams are on the way. Licensed to kill all the pests, literally.

Plumbing Services

Due to the quality of equipment and extreme weather conditions, pipes in Doha and Qatar are subject to excessive wear and tear. Regular plumbing maintenance can keep your home’s plumbing system working properly all year. We also can do installations of new water fittings and...

Quote to Fix Anything

A full maintenance inspection is the best way to ensure that everything in your accommodation is up to date and working correctly. Whether its a new house that you are moving into and want to know the situation or you just haven’t had any maintenance...

Uplift & Renovation

Uplift your living style with best house renovation. With a complete facelift up of the home through FIXIT Team that could create a platform to see a complete makeover of home. Making your home abide by the modern rules of aesthetic appear for a house.